4 What Happens After?

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)
1 min readSep 14, 2020

No one tells you about the after.

After the anger.

After the emotions.

After the apologies.

What happens when you’re faced with the possibility of returning to the pre-them time?

Before you dreamt of them?

Before you watched yourself in the mirror,

Uttering their last name with your first?

Before you spent countless nights

Telling sleep to leave you behind

Because of the awake moments with them?

What happens when you get over the bad?

During the silent treatments, moments

During the conversation that feels off

During the empty feeling in your chest because now you know

While you spent an hour, a day

Thinking of how to tailor your apology

Thinking of how you miss them

Thinking of how you want to tell your pride to shut up

If it means getting to keep them.

No one tells you

How bad it’ll hurt to know they didn’t want to grow inches, to be the bigger person

How their words are hollow

How they blocked you, okay with returning to a pre-you time.

No one tells you because even they didn’t know it would feel like this.

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)

Opeyemi Ojo took a hiatus from poetry to focus on a newfound love for short stories. She soon returned to poetry, proving that you never forget your first.