6 A Chance at “Trying This”

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)
2 min readOct 8, 2020

I woke up at 7 AM

My nervous system

Ignored the melatonin pill

I swallowed 4 hours ago

The butterflies in my stomach

Created an effect with their wings

Making it hard for me to drift off


It’s been years since I woke up before the alarm. I have nothing to be worried about and everything to be happy for. I set it for 9, but I’m up now. I look over to my phone and there you are. We fell asleep on FaceTime.


I’m in piece

And I’m in peaces

Replaying your words,

“Because I still like you too.”


I still like you too but I almost didn’t admit it

You have a habit of playing me like a Katy Perry song

Hot and cold

Yes, then no


I’ve spent weeks being weak

Coming to terms with the fact

That you don’t like me back

That at some point

It is what it is like that


I’ve spent days thinking that may-

Be I was right to not talk to you

Like maybe I shouldn’t even fuck with you


Maybe I was right

When I told you that night

I don’t want you in my life

There was uncertainty around you

I didn’t know about you

And how you felt

I can’t read your mind

So I really couldn’t tell


You said that I should have gotten it

But you must have forgotten this

Thing between you and I

Is new, different

And I’m reminded every time


Thinking about

Your smile and your faces

You and those fucking phrases


Always telling me

“Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it, sweetheart.”


I’m talking to you after not talking to you.

I’m falling for you after falling out with you.


I’m lighter. But my chest holds all the pressure that comes with knowing. The knowledge that you feel the same way I do. And I smile at the thoughts.


I hear you say “I like seeing you smile.”

And that again, makes me smile.

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)

Opeyemi Ojo took a hiatus from poetry to focus on a newfound love for short stories. She soon returned to poetry, proving that you never forget your first.