She rolled over and faced King, pulling the blanket closer around her feet. She ran her fingers through his beard. It took up half of his face and she liked the scruffy feel on her fingers.

King moved his face and kissed her open palm and she uttered to him, “You’re so beautiful.” Did he care that she described him with a feminine word? He didn’t mutter a complaint.

“Thank you.” He rubbed his face in her hand and she caressed his chin, his beard tickling her, “You’re so gorgeous.”

Her lips twitched at his words. “Stop it. You don’t…

I woke up at 7 AM

My nervous system

Ignored the melatonin pill

I swallowed 4 hours ago

The butterflies in my stomach

Created an effect with their wings

Making it hard for me to drift off


It’s been years since I woke up before the alarm. I have nothing to be worried about and everything to be happy for. I set it for 9, but I’m up now. I look over to my phone and there you are. We fell asleep on FaceTime.


I’m in piece

And I’m in peaces

Replaying your words,

“Because I still like…

Death isn’t happy.

It isn’t funny.

It shouldn’t make you laugh.

Look at me.

Snorting and screaming and slapping arms because

I’m over it.



The deaths of friendships

When’s the last time you had sex, when’s the last time you got tested?

And the last time you had sex, did you have it while protected?

His words were never said to me

His words were only read by me

I should have known

But was never told

Too late because he’s dead to me


The last time I fell in love, utterly and irrevocably, I stayed for a year and a half. I spent the final five months, deciding on the finale. And once…

They don’t tell you

How much you’ll want them to be in love so you can give them the chance of writing the story that will change everything

How you pray to God daily for the strength to be good

How you fear making mistakes that leave scars, always wondering which antagonist will be modeled after you


They don’t tell you


How badly you’ll want to be the king of their story

How you’ll scan every word, every letter, focused on the italics and the bolds,

Trying to analyze what they say

Trying to find the parts of…

We know the once upon a time story

Girls in the kitchen, boys go to work

Boys learn to punch while we learn to hurt

Men go to…

Can’t even look in the mirror without

My reflection hiding from me

Can’t put pen to paper

With my words erasing on me

Can’t speak out loud

Without my mind…

No one tells you about the after.

After the anger.

After the emotions.

After the apologies.

What happens when you’re faced with the possibility of returning to the pre-them time?

Before you dreamt of them?

Before you watched yourself in the mirror,

Uttering their last name with your first?

Before you spent countless nights

Telling sleep to leave you behind

Because of the awake moments with them?

What happens when you get over the bad?

During the silent treatments, moments

During the conversation that feels off

During the empty feeling in your chest because now you know

While you spent…

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)

Opeyemi Ojo took a hiatus from poetry to focus on a newfound love for short stories. She soon returned to poetry, proving that you never forget your first.

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