5 Dead Friends Pt. 2

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)
1 min readOct 8, 2020

Death isn’t happy.

It isn’t funny.

It shouldn’t make you laugh.

Look at me.

Snorting and screaming and slapping arms because

I’m over it.



The deaths of friendships

That left me

A coward in my own house

Building castles in the sky

With all my far fetched thoughts

Of how it was my fault


It takes two to build

And when one abandons ship

The last one off isn’t a sore loser.

There aren’t any losers in

Something that was never a game

Opeyemi Ojo (OPME)

Opeyemi Ojo took a hiatus from poetry to focus on a newfound love for short stories. She soon returned to poetry, proving that you never forget your first.